In order to make sure that bonds remain stable even in humid environments (e.g. bathrooms) or on surfaces with a surface tension of less than 38 mN/m, the Pyrosil® pre-treatment technology has to be used. With the aid of a flame burner, a silicate sinter layer is brought onto the bonding surface. In a second step, the Pyrosil® primer is applied, which reacts with the silicate sinter layer and subsequently also forms a permanent chemical bond with the adhesive when bonding. Such a pre-treated bond is durably protected against moisture infiltration. Sealing the bond is no longer necessary. Many hydrophobic glass surfaces (the surface is water-repellent which impedes the adhesive from being distributed sufficiently) can be converted into hydrophilic (excellent wettability, suitable for bonding) with the Pyrosil® technology. Carry out sample bonds if necessary. Thanks to the Pyrosil® technology, the greatest possible adhesion of UV adhesives on glass or metal surfaces can be achieved, which leads to long lasting durability of demanding bonds, subject to high loads. The surface is treated with the pale-blue part of the flame. The flame should be moved evenly across the bonding surface three to four times. A distance too large or too small can have negative influences on the bonding results.