Mirror Fixings

SafecliX® - SafemaX® - SafefiX® have been developed for vertical mounting of mirrors per DIN EN 1036. Our sets are supplied with all necessary mounting hardware in neutral packaging. After mounting they are hidden from sight behind the mirror and allow the mirror to be detached at any time. All metal mounting plates in our mirror fixing kits are coated with the specially developed Xtramount® mirror adhesive tape and are therefore suitable for humid rooms as well as outdoor applications, as long as they are not directly exposed to rain and they stay within the allowable temperature range for Xtramount®. SafecliX® - SafemaX® - SafefiX® offer you many different ways to mount your mirrors securely. If you need special mirror mounting sets for your particular application, or if you wish an own brand label version of SafecliX® - SafemaX® - SafefiX®, please do not hesitate to contact us.